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The cat16

designed for coaching, marshalling, and rescue

the RS CAT16 Coaching Launch

The world’s first rotomolded, tri-lamination, polyethylene, motorized catamaran

As seen at:
  • Royal Henley Regatta
  • Masters Nationals, Grand Rapids MI
  • US Rowing Nationals, Cincinnati OH
  • Scholastic National Regatta, Nashport OH
  • 2016 World Cup, Lucerne
  • 2023 Pan Am Games, Santiago Chile
  • Masters Nationals 2023, Indianapolis

Coaching, Marshalling, Rescue

Manoeuvrability and user-friendliness are key features of our RS eCAT16 catamaran. It has a compact turning radius of 4 metres (14 feet) allowing it to move effortlessly forwards and in reverse. The catamaran starts at the press of a button, it is easy to drive, simple to maintain and provides great battery economy.
  • The CAT16 is designed for coaching, marshalling and rescue. Holds up to four people, rescues an 8+.
  • Durable, Maneuverable, Affordable, Reliable
  • Rotomolded, tri-lamination, polyethylene, motorized catamaran
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The world’s first rotomolded, tri-lamination, polyethylene, motorized catamaran


  • Hull length 15.5’
  • Beam – max 6.4’
  • Max draft 12’
  • Beam between hulls 5.4’
  • Aluminum deck 5’x8.2’
  • Height 6.2’
  • Width 6.4’
  • Length 15.5’


  • Without engine: 440lbs
  • Heaviest allowable motor: 121lbs
  • Baggage, outboard: 341lbs
  • Max Load: 992lbs
  • Weight fully laden: 1455lbs

Available with or without:

TOHATSU Electronic Fuel Injection Motor

Maximum outboard size 20HP

See the cat16 In action

FAQs about the cat 16

What our customers are saying:

We have been using the RS 16’s since 2018 and have been very happy with them. Their small turning radius is helpful on our narrower river. They are easy to maintain and transport and provide an excellent safe platform to coach from. Tom and Barb Kraft are incredibly helpful and responsive, their attention to detail is always appreciated.

- Kit Bennett, Director of Rowing and Varsity Head Coach, Skyline Crew

This launch is the best coaching platform that I have used in over 20 years as a Division I rowing coach. Once I coached in one, I knew that I had to get them for my staff. We currently have 4 in Omaha. Please come to Omaha and take a test drive

- Daniel Chipps, Head Coach, Creighton Women's Rowing

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